Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cooking Journal - Entry 3

Ok, so I have another kitchen creation that I'd like to share. I get on a kick from time to time where I just love to spend time in the kitchen. There is something so cathartic about slicing, chopping, and stirring. Except the fact that I have been in the kitchen so much lately making pounds and pounds of playdough it took me a little while to get my kitchen back in food cooking mode.

I do love the feel of accomplishment when something I concoct something new and tasty out of a list of ingredients. I don't particularly like recipes and measurements. When I cook it is usually with what I like to call the throw and taste method. I throw in what I think sounds good and then I taste and see what I might need next.

I was on my way home from work yesterday and two things popped into my head. First, summer vegetables. Second, my friend the "vegan" who doesn't like to cook (just kiddin' Kel). I was on the hunt for corn on the cob, one of my absolute favorite parts about summer. So I headed to the great little market where I knew I would find all the best fresh fruits and veg - Top of The Hill Quality Produce. And, boy was I right! Corn, zucchini, green beans, and I can't forget the yellow raspberries - another one of my favs! I picked up a bag and a half of the freshest produce with one thing in mind - Stoup!

Yes, you heard me right, Stoup. Now I am not a huge fan of Rachel Ray, but her introduction of this word into my cook vocab was welcomed with open arms. I like soups in general, but for some reason my tummy is not as fond of all that warm liquid. Stews - now that is a different animal entirely. The big chunks of vegetables or protein surrounded by a warm gravy of sorts, that is what I am talking about! A stoup is a beautiful product of combining these two concepts. Last night I put together a Summer Veggie Stoup worth sharing by recipe as well as by bowl.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I just did!

Summer Veggie Stoup
In a large soup pot combine the following in the order listed adding each as they are cut. Simmer with the lid on for one hour. All veg should be cut in large chunks.

1 - 16oz Can of Diced Tomatoes
4 - Small Red Skin Potatoes - Skin on!
1 - Sweet Onion
2 - Cloves of Garlic, Smashed and Peeled (I also added 5 cloves of roasted garlic too!)
2 - Stalks of Celery
1 - Carrot
1/4 - Head of Cabbage
1 - Cup Corn from the Cob and the Husk Milked
2 - Cups of Fresh Green Beans
4 - Cups of Vegetable Broth
2 - Tsp Kosher Salt
1 - Tsp Fresh Ground Pepper
2 - Tbsp Parsley
1/2 - Tbsp Thyme

After an hour to an hour twenty add a box of small pasta shells or the like. Return the lid and turn off the burner. The pasta will cook with the residual heat. That's it!


LoveMeKnot Creations said...

sounds delish Meghan :)

I'm Meghan... said...

Thanks, if you try it let me know what you think.

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