Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yarn Over

So I finally gave in and picked up a needle. I wasn't sure if I should start with knitting or crocheting, but I decided that since crocheting involved only one needle that would be a better place to start. But, then the question became which needle and which yarn? I just made an educated guess because the sales person at Michael's Craft Store wasn't terribly helpful. Luckily I guessed right. I figured that I could learn some of the basics online so I went searching for a tutorial. I found quite a few on YouTube, but that only got me so far. Then last Wednesday I met some fellow EtsyRain members at a local mall for dinner and crafting. Thankfully I had the opportunity to consult a crochet master! If it weren't for Cindy of Original Cyn Studios I'd still be crocheting a sad single chain - a very long, very sad single chain. Now I am going back and forth like a pro. Ha!

Next, I change colors...To Be Continued.

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